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The Arthur and Fred collection - NON SPILL 180ml Calm Diffuser

The Arthur and Fred collection - NON SPILL 180ml Calm Diffuser

James and co want to introduce to you our brand new non-spill diffuser... inspired by these two... meet Arthur and Fred! I am sure that many mothers can agree that having diffusers around the house can become slightly more tricky when you have some busy, energetic children at home. That's why we wanted to be able to provide a non-spill diffuser that was child safe, meaning you can keep your home smelling lovely, worry free.

This diffuser design provides a safe, non-spill option so you can rest at ease when placing around the house. Accidents can happen ALOT with busy little bees keeping us on our toes, but this design stops any liquid spilling out quickly when knocked.

The diffuser is simple to use, unscrew the wooden lid and remove the bung. Insert the single thick wooden reed into the lid then screw the wooden lid tightly back onto the diffuser bottle. The gorgeous fragrance oil will travel up the stick and into the lid which will soak up and diffuse the fragrance into the air. It may take a few days for the fragrance to become fully absorbed. Please still be cautious of the contents of this diffuser around children.
This product is also perfect for anyone with energetic pets and wagging tails, ensuring that no accidents can happen. You can shop this diffuser now on our website for just £14.50 in the popular fragrance "Calm", with notes of Chamomile and Pansy. This fragrance takes aromatic Lavender and balances it with the sweetness of Orange Flower, Musk and Chamomile!
We are so proud to be able to provide a product like this for our customers and we hope you love it! If you get your hands on one, be sure to send us over your thoughts, we love to hear your feedback.
The James and Co Team x
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