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How to care for your reed diffuser

How to care for your reed diffuser

A reed diffuser has become a must in every household and now we are at home more we are wanting our homes to smell wonderful.

We have a few tips for you to keep your diffuser fresh and get the best from the fragrance:


1. Ensuring you place your diffuser on a decorative plate that will not be effected by the fragrance


All of our diffusers are made from natural ingredients, that can react with painted or polished surfaces, it is best to keep your diffuser on a plate, to stop any chances of the liquid coming into contact with any surfaces that may be effected


2. Upon opening your new diffuser, leave the reeds to absorb the fragrance for 48 hours before moving

Letting the reeds fully absorb the fragrance for 48 hours without touching them gives them the best chance to absorb the fragrance well

3. Turning your reeds regularly, every day to achieve a strong fragrance projection or every few days for a more subtle fragrance projection.


As the fragrance travels up the reeds it tends to get half way up, meaning that the bottom of the reed are more fragrant than the top, by flipping them it means you are putting the most fragrant end up into the room


4. Refreshing your reeds every 4 weeks


After 4 weeks the reeds tend to clog and they don’t become as effective, by changing your reeds you then will get the best out of the fragrance oil


5. Ensuring the room is between 18-22c


Having a room that is cold, means you won’t get the best from your diffuser, in cold temperatures the reed diffuser won’t diffuse as well. Having the room too hot also means the reed diffuser will diffuse and evaporate too quickly, meaning your diffuserwon’t last as long! Therefore, Avoid placing on or near radiators or windows.


6. If you have a big room, we recommend using our 300ml reed diffuser or 2 of our 100mls. One 100ml is only effective in a small room.


7. If you would like more fragrance using more reeds we recommend 4-6 for a subtle fragrance


Depending on how strong you like your fragrance you can decide, it is as simple as how many reeds you decide to put into the diffuser! We recommend using 4 for a more subtle fragrance and 6 for a stronger fragrance. You can buy more reeds from us on our website, if you want a really strong fragrance projection we would recommend using 8-10 reeds per diffuser!

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