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Lets talk Gingerbread

Lets talk Gingerbread

The most wonderful time of the year is creeping up on us. It’s that time of the year when we all hurry around to get everything, we need to make sure Christmas is perfect! Fragrance is a powerful tool that reminds us of different seasons and time stamps in our lives. Christmas is filled with so many nostalgic scents that can bring us all those warm fuzzy feelings that we crave so much during the winter period.

Gingerbread is one of the most popular fragrances at Christmas time. Gingerbread dates all the way back to the roman times, where it was used to treat nausea and upset stomachs! In fact, Gingerbread was seen to be very expensive! Spices were incredibly expensive, so if you served any foods with a hint of spice or topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, it demonstrated your wealth!

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I invented the gingerbread man! She would present gingerbread cookies to her guests, it was even said that she had a master gingerbread maker in the castle. Of course, the news was spread across England quickly, and the trend of gingerbread men was born.

The gingerbread scent is now used in home fragrance and is always the most popular scent around Christmas. It is warm and spicy with a hint of sweetness; it is hard not to love it! Coming in all different forms of home fragrance such as diffusers, candles, potpourri and more, making your home smell like the hansel and Gretal house is easy!

Candles are often the chosen home fragrance product when filling a bedroom or living room. They can create a cosy atmosphere and can be used to light a room on a gloomy day. Our two wick Gingerbread candle is perfect for this! With top notes of gingerbread, mixed with base notes of Caramel and Toffee, it gives off a classic Christmas aroma. Also, not to mention every one of our candles has a 30 hour burn time and is at the great price of £14.99!

We often use diffusers to fill our kitchens and bathrooms and there is nothing better than having your kitchen smell like gingerbread! Our 200ml Gingerbread diffuser gives you 8 whole weeks of freshly baked gingerbread sweetness, keeping your home smelling gorgeous all Christmas long! Not to mention the base notes of exotic dried fruits will give you an element of freshness that is perfect for your bathrooms! You can shop our Gingerbread diffusers for half price all throughout November, making them just £7.99!

We are all so excited for the Christmas period and we hope we can fill your homes with all the nostalgic Christmas smells this year! If you’re looking for a little inspiration for Christmas stockings, head over to our blog “The perfect Christmas stocking”. If you are happy with your James & Co purchases this year, please also leave us a google review, we love to hear your opinions!



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