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Which Scents and Products Work Best In Which Rooms?

Which Scents and Products Work Best In Which Rooms?

Deciding which scent works best where is a combination of deciding what kind of mood to set and taking into account the attributes of the different fragrances. We would always recommend using one scent per room – rather than using one for your entire house or multiple scents in one room, so each space will have a different feel to reflect its purpose.


The smell of any food wafting from the kitchen needs no covering up, but on those days when nothing is in the oven, we would always reccomend using a fresh, citrus scent. Our No. 3 Blue, No. 8 Lemon or No. 11 Lime & Basil are the perfect zingy scents to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Unlike fruity ones, citrus won’t clash with the aromas of food. We tend to find reed diffusers work best here as they will cover up other smells, like garlic, with zero effort.


In a bedroom, there’s nothing better than a scented candle as the flame glow instantly helps to relax and unwind. Floral scents are thought to be able to reduce your heart rate, making them perfect for encouraging a good night’s sleep – our No. 1 White, No. 9 Lavender, No. 12 Rose & Oud or No. 14 Jasmine candles are all beautifully floral but also delicate and subtle. For a more intense, spa like fragrance, try our new Sleep & Calm 100ml reed diffusers in Blue Lavender Dream and Chamomile & Pansy.


The sitting room is where you both entertain and relax, so make sure to choose a fragrance that reflects both activities. You want the atmosphere to feel welcoming, so scents like our No. 6 Vanilla and No. 10 Cotton are ideal as they are inviting yet neutral. It’s important not to choose a scent that is too strong in the sitting room – by nature it’s a shared space so you don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed!


If you are working from home, consider switching up the scent throughout the day. We've found our No. 2 Grey to be an office favourite as it can help you focus and No. 15 Sea Salt is great to make you feel more relaxed. It is important if you are working in the same place you stay alert; switching up the scents indicates to your body and mind that you are doing different things.


Just remember to make sure your candles are always on a safe surface when you burn them, and never leave a burning candle unattended, even if you're just making a cup of tea! These are our reccomended guidelines: it’s your home, your scent, so, anything goes. Oh, and don't forget your scented hand sanitisers - now a must in every home!

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